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We had the honor to host the experts: Eng. Peter Wilmot, Eng. Tom Svantison, Eng. Ali Al Suwaidi and Dr. Alan Wilson, on the occasion of the International Engineering Day through a virtual panel discussion moderated by Dr. Zuhair Al Sarraj, President of the International Maintenance Organization (IMA), and presented by the specialist group - ExiCon International Group. During the webinar, some developmental ideas were presented on operations, maintenance, facilities management and asset management activities in pursuit of the UN sustainable development goals. Read more...
Arab Operations & Maintenance Council

OMAINTEC [Arab Operations & Maintenance Council] aspires to become the pioneer / leader in the O&M industry in the Middle East region. The OMAINTEC aims to raise the O&M standards, Best Practices and Procedures/norms in the Arab Countries to global levels by setting benchmarks for O&M companies to follow.

The OMAINTEC is renowned for enhancing the scientific knowledge, transfer of knowhow and technology, management skills and Best Practices, share the improvement opportunities, organize scientific and professional meetings, workshops, establish the communication links between the public and private sector, enhance, arrange and recommend the Best Practices, professional trainings activities and professional Certifications for the Management, Supervisory and Technician level, publish the scientific papers and provide the consultation services in accordance with the professional and  State of the Art techniques from the developed Countries

About the Council 
Arab Operations & Maintenance Council (OMAINTEC) was established during 3rd International Conference for Operations and Maintenance in the Arab Countries, held in June 2004 at Beirut, in view of realizing the aspirations and recommendations of the participants of the International O&M Conference in the Arab Countries to build an Arab entity (as a non-profitable organization) who would establish a mechanism to organize and standardize the Best Practices, norms and procedures of O&M in the Arab Countries. OMAINTEC is one of the fastest growing and most admired O&M development Council among the Arab World. The OMAINTEC aims to raise the O&M standards, Best Practices and Procedures/norms in the Arab Countries to global levels by setting benchmarks for O&M industry to follow. read more...

1st Meeting:
"Shifting from operation and maintenance to facility management"

3 February 2021
2nd Meeting:
“Asset Management”
10 February 2021
3rd Meeting:
"Strategic Asset Management Planning"

24 February 2021
4th Meeting:
"Asset Management Register"

3 March 2021

Latest's News

12 Feb 2020
A workshop was held on Wednesday 12/202020 between the Board of Trustees of the Arab Council for Operation and Maintenance and the Human Resources Development Sector to discuss ways of cooperation in the field of training and development, where the Board of Trustees represented Dr. Muhammad Al-Fawzan, Dr. Zuhair Al-Sarraj, M. Muhammad Al-Riffa, M. Walid Al-Saadi, M. Hazem Abdel Wahid, Basem Al-Sayel
And representatives of the human resources development sector: Mr. Saad Al-Qahtani, Mr. Salah Al-Ali, Mr. Abdullah Samkari
Presentations were made on:
The services provided by the sector and publicizing the capabilities and capabilities of the company's institutes in various fields
The competencies development project as a learning methodology that the council will benefit from for application in the fields of operation and maintenance Read More ...

24 October 2019

18 November 2018
In order to increase the possibilities of communication and create opportunities for the exchange of experiences and the knowhow transfer between employees and practitioners in the public and private 
sectors in various related fields, especially operation and maintenance, asset and facilities management
The Arab Council for Operation and Maintenance Signed many Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with Arab and international bodies in the field of operation, maintenance and training. Read More ...

19 November 2018
In view of the international experience in the field of training and qualification for operation and maintenance jobs, the Arab Institute of Operation and Maintenance held the international symposium entitled "A panel discussion and review on the developments and global trends in the field of training and qualification for operation and maintenance functions." Read More ...

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Cooperative Organizations & Institutes

  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

  • Sharjah Research Academy

  • Middel East Facility Management Association

  • Ministry of Infrastructure Development

  • Carnfield University